It’s Time For a Single-Payer Health Care System

It’s time for a Single-Payer Health Care System

Currently we don’t have single payer health care system in America in which only one entity provides the health care coverage. At the moment there are multiple bodies are included which makes it possible to cover the health care coverage. This includes government, health insurance companies and employers who deduct money from your salary or you have to pay them payments on monthly bases so that you can pay the expenses of your hospital bill at the time of need. But still, health insurance companies did not provide you 100% claims. Each health company has their own policy while government policies are very limited and usually offer more benefits to senior citizens and disabled adults who can’t work for living.

Single payer health care system is the need of time. America is a well settled and first world country where people all around the world come to settle their families, improve their lifestyle, that’s why it is called the land of opportunity, but at the same time, there is the dark side of America’s freedom to which includes the education and health care. These both facilities are not free or affordable for an ordinary citizen of America. In other countries like Canada and United Kingdom, the single payer health care system is applied, that’s why American prefers to move there and other countries at the time of need which is related to health.

In Canada, the single payer healthcare contract offered by the private organization where there is a different law in the UK, but still better than America because it is single payer health care system. Single payer health care system comes up with a number of advantages, that’s why it is need of time so that American can also live without worrying about their medical bills and other health care related expenses. Some of the benefits of single payer health care system are:

Everyone can get coverage

In current health care system, only those who have been registered with the health care system get the coverage over their health expenses. Where this coverage does not cover all the expenses. In single payer health care system, every person gets health care with full coverage. Also, the coverage is given for all types of diseases.

Less amount of paperwork

Nurses and doctors have to do lots of paper work in the current health care system due to insurance company policy, but in single payer health care system, there would be less amount of paperwork need to perform due to which the nurses and professional doctors can devote more time in patient’s treatment.

Lower cost due to low competition

If we got single payer health care system in the USA, then the cost will be lower because there would be no competition and not for profit structure. Currently one of the reason behind high cost is the salary of administrators, when there would be less administration, then cost will be automatically reduced.

Other benefits:

The other benefits of single payer healthcare system includes, no insurance companies needed while it’s also effect on the prices of medication because there would be no competition and only one buyer will be buying the medicines and it would be the government.

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